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June 12, 2024



Our Organic Tricolor Blend Rice is a wonderful blend of red and brown heirloom rice varietals grown on central Java's mineral-rich volcanic soil.  Some bran is removed from the red rice to give it its lovely pink color and soft texture. This is a micronutrient-dense whole grain blend that cooks in only 30 minutes with a soft mouth feel and floral aroma.  It is versatile enough to star as center of the plate or boost the flavor of any rice dish. It received a Specialty Food Association Sofi Silver award in 2011.

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Lotus Foods Organic Tricolor Blend Rice is grown by Wono Agung Farmers Association, which consists of a unique group of millennial farmers, with over 60% of them under 40 years old. The world is facing food crises, with the decreasing number of farmers at an all-time low. Their mission is to make farming appealing to the younger generations by innovating smarter sustainable practices, and raising awareness about the nutritional value of heritage varieties. They have received multiple awards for their work related to food security.


Bloom Agro farmers became the first to grow organic and Fair for Life certified rice in Indonesia in 2009.

Emily Sutanto is our women-led and -owned supplier. Her company Bloom Agro became the first ever to qualify for organic and Fair for Life certification in Indonesia in 2009. Fair for Life is the most stringent fair trade certification in the industry, with strong emphasis on social and environmental as well as economic criteria.


Together, Emily and the farmers champion the regenerative rice-growing method known as the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), what we call More Crop Per Drop®. SRI is an agroecological way to grow rice that allows farmers to double and triple their yields using half the water, 90% fewer seeds than conventionally grown rice, and is able to reduce methane emissions by 70%. Further, it requires no agro-chemical inputs and saves on women's labor.  Water savings are made possible by not growing rice in continuously flooded fields, which also significantly reduces methane emissions. Flooded fields produce 12-15% of manmade methane emissions, a noxious greenhouse gas that is a major contributor to global warming.  'More Crop per Drop®’ is how we market SRI-grown rice so that consumers better understand the water-savings and food security impact when they buy Organic and Fair Trade Tricolor Rice. And on top of that it’s climate friendly.

Wono Agung Farmers Association is made up of millennial famers where 60% are under 40 years old.


SRI growing principles and practices have been validated in over 65 countries. We take great pride in supporting these enterprising and visionary farmers and providing consumers with smarter choices that benefit people and planet while bolstering farmer livelihood. Our supplier community brings you the highest quality organic rice, while promoting human and environmental welfare. For example, organic products must be produced using agricultural production practices that foster resource cycling, promote ecological balance, maintain and improve soil and water quality, minimize the use of synthetic materials, and conserve biodiversity. Lotus Foods Organic Tricolor Blend Rice has been granted the following certifications:

Tricolor Rice Certifications


Bringing Tricolor Rice to your Meals


If you're looking to add some vibrancy and visual interest to your rice dishes, Lotus Foods Tricolor Rice is a fantastic option to try. Fragrant and nutrient-dense, it cooks in only 30 minutes producing tender grains with an aromatic hint of vanilla. It’s an excellent choice for any dish where you would use a wild rice or whole grain blend. This unique blend combines three different varieties of rice into one beautiful medley of colors and textures.

What is Tricolor Rice?
Tricolor rice, also known as rainbow rice, consists of three different types of whole grain rice:

• Organic white basmati rice - This fragrant long grain rice provides a fluffy, delicate texture.
• Organic brown whole grain rice - The brown rice adds a pleasant nutty flavor and chewier consistency.
• Organic red whole grain rice - The deep red hue has an amazing color and firmer bite.

When cooked, the trio of white, brown, and red rice grains creates a visually striking dish that's as delicious as it is appealing to the eye.

The Benefits of Tricolor Rice
Beyond its gorgeous rainbow appearance, Lotus Foods Tricolor Rice offers some excellent nutritional benefits:

• It's 100% whole grain with no additives or preservatives.
• It provides a good source of protein, fiber, iron, and antioxidants.
• The blend of different rices provides a great assortment of textures.
• It has a slightly nutty, earthy flavor that pairs well with many cuisines.

How to Use Tricolor Rice
Tricolor rice makes an excellent base for any rice dish like stir fries, rice bowls, pilafs, or rice salads. Simply substitute it for plain white or brown rice. The blend of colors and textures works especially well in dishes with lots of veggies, nuts, dried fruits, or bold sauces and spices.


You can find Lotus Foods Tricolor Rice in many grocery stores or online. Give this vibrant rice blend a try for a tasty way to bring a mixture of color and delightful aroma to your rice dishes.


Recipes to make with Lotus Foods' Organic Tricolor Blend Rice

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Teriyaki Cauliflower Bites Autumn Casserole Hearty Vegetable Soup
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Lotus Foods Tricolor Blend Rice Recipes

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