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More Crop Per Drop™

A Grassroots Rice Revolution!

More Crop Per Drop is how we refer to our rice that is grown using the System of Rice Intensification (SRI). SRI is a not a new seed or input, but rather a different way of cultivating rice that enables small-scale farmers to double and triple their yields while using 80-90% less seed, 50% less water, less or no chemical inputs. That’s revolutionary!

Why we think that SRI is so important.

SRI addresses some of the most important challenges we face this century – namely to feed several billion more people with dwindling land and water resources and without further degrading the planet's environment. SRI has been largely grassroots driven, fueled by marginalized women and men farmers and the non-profit organizations (NGOs) who advocate for their welfare, like OxfamAfricareWWF and many dedicated local NGOs and individuals. The reason these farmers are so excited about SRI is because it represents an opportunity for more food, more money, better health, and more options – in short, for a way out of poverty.

We agree, and see SRI as a logical extension of our mission. We are pleased to offer six exceptional SRI-grown rices, and call them “More Crop Per Drop” to bring to special attention to water as a diminishing resource. We also look forward to introducing more of these special rices in the future.

Please read the additional pages in this section to learn more about this amazing set of methods that is transforming the rice-growing world. Or you can go directly to the SRI website at Cornell University.


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