Recipe Creator Spotlight: Yeung Man Cooking

Recipe Creator Spotlight - Yeung Man Cooking | Wil Yeung

Tell us a little about yourself, your YouTube channel, and how you got started creating your recipes.

I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Ontario, Canada. For most of my career, I've worked as an entrepreneur running a music school, working as a commercial photographer and filmmaker. One business in particular was a coconut/almond milk venture that brought me to begin filming recipes on YouTube. I no longer run that business anymore as the current YouTube cooking show has become more than a full-time operation. I've always cooked for myself, and I always thought that it'd be fun to be on a cooking show - I never thought that I'd end up running the entire operation. 🙂

What makes you love Lotus Foods and what excites you most?

Not only does Lotus Foods have an awesome company story, they also offer amazing products. With the vast amount of highly processed food products on store shelves today, I find myself constantly reading ingredient lists which influences my purchasing choices. I also used to run a food product business, so clean ingredients and captivating branding really speaks to me.

What are some Lotus Foods products you really enjoy incorporating into your recipes?

My favourite is definitely Lotus Foods' lineup of ramen noodles. Making your own ramen noodles is wonderful - once in a while! My pantry is never without their dry ramen noodles as they're great in soups and stir fry recipes. As an added bonus, they boil and are ready in only a few minutes!

What fun future recipes are you thinking up next?

I've recently been on a bit of an Indian cuisine kick, recipe testing for upcoming episodes. I think most of the viewers gravitate towards Asian cuisine in some capacity. It's also been a while since we've aired a new ramen episode, so who knows! The only way to find out is to stay tuned. 🙂

Wil Yeung

-Yeung Man Cooking