Lotus Foods – A Great Pantry Staple

During this time of avoiding repeat trips to the store for everyone’s safety, having a well-stocked pantry is key. Dry goods like rice, noodles, and crackers are usually the most versatile ingredients found in the kitchen. Stocking up on pantry staples can go a long way to extending the life of your groceries and saving you time throughout the week. Reduce stress by being well-prepared. Quick meals become easy if planning ahead was missed, and Lotus Foods products are both flavorful and nourishing.

An abundance of simple recipes can be created using Lotus Foods pantry staples as the base of a delicious, easy meal.

Lotus Foods can help cover your bases for stocking the pantry with necessities. From quick-cooking rice ramen and rice ramen noodle soup cups to rice, pad thai rice noodles, and even rice crackers, we’ve got many of your shelf stable staples covered. Feeding families wholesome meals by adding to meat and veggie dishes with rice and noodles makes Lotus Foods the perfect addition to a well-rounded plate. Check quick meals, whole grains, delicious noodles, and crackers for snacking off your next grocery list.


The benefits to Lotus Foods pantry staples are many, and quality and flavor will not be compromised when stocking


Ramen Rice Pad Thai Noodles Arare Crackers
Cooks in 4 minutes Whole grain* 100% Certified Organic Baked, not fried
Gluten Free 100% Certified Organic Whole grain* Gluten-free
Whole grain* Certified Fair Trade Gluten-free and wheat-free Low in fat and cholesterol-free
Made with Organic Rice Gluten- and wheat-free, no sodium added Quick co oking & ready in 5 minutes Made with Non-GMO ingredients
Source of fiber and protein High in minerals: magnesium, manganese, molybdenum and phosphorous* Flavored with zesty spices
Made with Non-GMO ingredients Good daily source of protein, fiber, zinc complex carbohydrates* Made with traditionally brewed gluten-free soy sauce
Low Fat Non-GMO No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
Vegan Vegan
*Varies by product




Having a well-stocked pantry can benefit households in a big way. Here are some immediate benefits:


  • Save Money: Having ingredients for meals on-hand will help you fill out your dinner plate with whole grain goodness. Check the pantry for staples before going out to buy needed items.
  • Save Time: Decrease multiple trips to the market. Restocking your pantry now will save you from repeat trips to the store throughout the week.
  • Support Your Diet: Take the guesswork out of your weekly meal plan by stocking up on diet-approved staples. The majority of Lotus Foods products support gluten-free and vegan diets with USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO rice-based staples.


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