Organic Jade Pearl Rice™

Imported from China

One of our most exemplary rices, both for its nutritional and flavor profile, we infuse an organic pearled rice with wildcrafted BamBoom!™ extract, made from the Moso species of bamboo that grows in the virgin highland forest of south central China.

The oldest living peoples of the world eat a staple of rice mixed with a unique, edible species of Bamboo leaf and stem for its good nutritional profile. They consider this warm mountain-grown bamboo the true tree of life.

When cooked, this beautiful jade-colored rice produces the aroma of a bamboo forest, a light vanilla taste, and an explosion of health-giving nutrients. Our Organic Jade Pearl Rice makes an especially pretty plate presentation, sushi, Asian style risotto and dessert pudding.

Coupled with organic and sustainable growing methods, this is a perfect rice for any occasion.


  • Cooks in only 20 minutes
  • Contains chlorophyll extract
  • Gluten-free and wheat-free