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In the rice-growing world, SRI is one of the most talked about developments. Below is just a sampling of links to online resources and audio and video stories about SRI. If you search for "SRI rice" on the web or YouTube you will find many interesting results.

The Clinton Global Initiative

Ken Lee's presentation on SRI at the Clinton Global Initiative.


This is the most comprehensive online resource for research, news, reports, and videos about SRI.

The World Bank Institute has produced a Multimedia Toolkit to help disseminate information about SRI. The Toolkit includes two videos.

Overview of SRI, including benefits and challenges.

Detailed field guide to SRI practices based on an application in the Philippines.

Produced by Oxfam. Overview of SRI adopters and practices used by 100,000+ farmers in Cambodia. Average yields increase from 2.6 t.ha to 3.5 t/ha with SRI methods.

2008 French-language video by the French journalist, Corinne Lalo posted to YouTube

Click on "Site Map" and then "Madagascar" for videos of the Better U Foundation field visit to SRI farmers in 2008.


Joint publication by Africare, Oxfam and WWF about their experiences with SRI


On April 3, 2009, National Public Radio (NPR) aired a feature produced by Living on Earth, which was authored by Beth Hoffman, a student of Michael Pollan. Lotus Foods introduced Beth to SRI last fall before her trip to Orissa. This radio feature puts SRI in a larger social and agricultural context and shows how SRI gives farmers a new option.

On April 13 and 14, 2009, in a two-part series, NPR journalist Daniel Zwerdling reported on problems in India created by the so-called ‘Green Revolution.’ SRI is already being promoted by many Indian states as one solution to these problems.

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