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Yes, you’re right. You’ve read about More Crop Per DropTM elsewhere on our website. It’s what we call the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), an innovative set of farming practices in which rice farmers fundamentally change how they manage their plants, soil and water. They increase their productivity at the same time that they reduce their use of water, seeds and agrochemical inputs, and eliminate continuously flooded conditions.

Starting in 2009 we began to source rice from farmers using this methodology in Cambodia, Indonesia and Madagascar. We felt it was essential to provide them with price premiums as an incentive to them and other farmers to switch to this more sustainable way of growing rice.

We’re proud to say that we’ve increased our volume of More Crop Per DropTM rice from 3 containers a year to 26 in 2015. We estimate that in 2015 we saved the equivalent of some 528 million (yes MILLION!) gallons of water, which could instead flow back into rivers and lakes, recharge aquifers, and nourish natural habitats.  

SRI has many economic, environmental and social benefits, which we explain in more detail here. But unlocking water and women’s time are two of the most important.

Which is why we’ve created this educational campaign about how SRI is Water Smart and Women Strong. We know consumers want to be informed about this kind of thing. In the long term it affects us all.