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Rice, this modest little grain, is super important. It starts out looking like a blade of grass. Yet, it feeds over half the world’s population. But growing so much rice monopolizes a lot of water--our planet’s lifeblood--and women’s time--our planet’s life force.

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Each year, one-quarter to one-third of the fresh water that is withdrawn from surface and ground water sources is used to irrigate rice. That is the most water used for any single human activity. According to the International Water Management Institute, by 2020 (in just 5 years!) one-quarter of irrigated rice areas, which produce 75% of the world’s rice, may be suffering some form of water scarcity. This is because more water is being used than can be replenished.

This means not just less water for rice and essential food security, but also for drinking, sanitation, livestock, and other crops, as well as enough water in streams and rivers to sustain fish and aquatic life. It also means women have to walk further to collect the family’s daily water supply.

Depending on country and circumstances, women provide 50-90% of labor in growing the world’s rice crop, most of it unpaid or poorly paid. That’s 500 million to as many as one billion women whose productive capacity is harnessed by the ceaseless toil of producing rice to eat and sell. Imagine the creative energy that could be unleashed if they had more time!

The good news is that there are solutions. We invite you to learn about what we’re doing to incentivize farmers to produce more rice with less water and less labor for women. We hope you will help us -- Do the Rice Thing with More Crop Per DropTM, a Water Smart, Women Strong way to grow rice.