We know who grows our rice

We know who grows our rice. Lanja Rajaonesilala is one of our Malagasy rice farmers. Her image appeared six times on a big screen in Times Square this summer in conjunction with the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City. We were promoting the launch of our Organic Red Rice from Madagascar. We want consumers to know that Lotus Foods makes a strong commitment to the communities that produce its rice.

 Lanja is a More Crop Per Drop™ farmer in Amparafaravola, Madagascar. This agroecological method enables her to harvest more than enough rice to feed her family and sell her Organic Red Rice to Lotus Foods. MCPD™ farmers can double and triple their yields using up to 50% less water, 80-90% less seed, no agrochemicals and with less toil for women. This also cuts production costs and boosts profits. Lotus Foods works with MCPD farmers in five countries. (PRNewsFoto/Lotus Foods)