American Airlines Talk Business 360 Interview with Ken and Caryl

This fall, if you're traveling on American Airlines, be on the look out for an interview with Lotus Foods co-founders and co-owners Ken Lee and Caryl Levine on the in-flight show Talk Business 360. You can also watch it here. A recent report by Oxfam highlights the role agriculture plays in global warming and the urgent need for food and beverage to cut emissions in their supply chains. The interview host observes how Lotus Foods has been far ahead of the curve on this issue, by working with rice farmers who are reducing methane emissions using System of Rice Intensification (SRI) / [More Crop Per DropTM] methods to cultivate rice. These farmers grow rice in fields that are periodically drained of water. This promotes soil and plant health and reduces methane gas produced by paddies.

Rice agriculture together with livestock production are the biggest sources of man-made atmospheric methane. One source estimates that flooded rice paddies produce 50 to 100 million tonnes of methane a year. What causes the methane is the anaerobic decomposition of organic material in flooded rice fields, which escapes to the atmosphere primarily by transport through the rice plants during the growing season. With SRI growing methods, the global warming potential is reduced by up to 70%.