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Q.  What makes Forbidden Rice® so special?

Legend has it that during the days of the Ching and Ming dynasties Forbidden Rice was exclusively reserved for the Chinese Emperors to ensure their longevity and good health. Eventually, common people were allowed to eat the rice, but has always been highly prized throughout Asia—likely for its health benefits--and is used in offerings, ceremonies and celebrations. Since then, it has become a nourishing staple that is reputed to promote long life and good health.

Forbidden Rice® has the darkest bran layer of any whole grain rice. It is this bran layer where most of the minerals, vitamins and fiber are stored. Forbidden Rice® contains a class of antioxidants called anthocyanins. For such a dark whole grain rice, it is extremely convenient, cooking in only 30 minutes and producing a roasted nutty taste with a hint of fruit or floral at the finish. Learn more about this amazing rice, and the "Black Dragon River" region where it is grown.